Talent Agency Database Software

Casting42 is an all-in-one customizable casting database for casting directors, production companies, extras agencies, and commercial casting.

Casting database database
More freedom, more control
A live database of qualified talent

Develop your own all-in-one database to store details of casting directors, production agencies, extras, and up to hundreds of thousands of other potential talents.

Designed to help you grow
Reduced time to find talent

With well-maintained casting talent agency database software, you'll hit the ground running with every new hire. Instead of searching through endless candidates, you can filter relevant candidates in the database.

Optimal security online
Better candidate experience

Maintaining a database of talent eliminates the need for rejection. Contacting candidates after promising to keep their details is also motivating and positively impacts your brand.

Casting database database

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Easy to use Casting Database
Easy to use Casting Database

Talent Agency Database Software Benefits

A talent pool is a database of profiles of candidates actively interested in working with you. For example, if you need to hire a casting director or extras, you can draw on your talent pool and use tools to filter out qualifying profile-matching candidates for the roles.

Talent database agency software comes in handy when:
Optimal security onlineYou have a large talent pool & want to filter based skills.
Optimal security onlineWant a quick way to review new talent singing up.
Optimal security onlineA faster way to manage the photos of your talent.
Optimal security onlineShare casting proposals faster with clients.

When used correctly, talent databases are extremely beneficial. Some key benefits you can expect include:

Reduced cost-per-hire

Your database reduces costs in several ways. For example, you save on advertising costs and time when you already have a talent pool to dive into. If you don't have to spend the money posting advertisements, you get to spend that money somewhere else. Finally, having direct access to potential candidates significantly improves productivity levels as you hit the ground running every time.

Reduced time-to-fill

When a client comes to you with a role, you already have access to a stream of potential candidates ready to submit. That means you don't have to spend time on the long process of sourcing and to screen new talent before narrowing down the ones who would best fit the role. This feature can also be a significant selling point to new talent, giving you a more decisive competitive advantage.

Better client relationships

With access to a Casting Database, you can offer a valuable pool of candidates to clients; they'll come to learn that you can provide the talent that best fits their needs, making it more likely that you can find more qualified talent to add to the database for future work.

We’ve harnessed the power of automation to help you spend less time on doing admin, and more on doing what you do best – finding the next talent! By combining your database with our template capability, make every project more streamlined than the last.

Talent Database Best Practices

Building a talent pool is one thing, but maintaining it and accurately understanding the roles your candidates are interested in is another. That's why Casting42 offers a wide range of tools to improve your experience.

Optimal security onlineMakes your data easy to access: Throwing candidate details into a spreadsheet isn't a valuable database; it only works if you already know who you want to contact. Casting42 provides a platform that lets you find the talent you need based on various metrics, including their roles of interest or how others perceive them.

Optimal security onlineMakes boomerang hires possible: Casting42 lets you record the details of possible boomerang hires, meaning those you've hired in the past and left on good terms. There's no need to waste time holding onto the contact details of talent that didn't work out.

Optimal security onlineMaintains engagement with talent: Although compliant pooling ensures you only keep the information of those who consent to future contact, there's no guarantee that they're waiting by the phone waiting for you to call. With Casting42, you can maintain engagement with qualified talent to keep yourself at the forefront of their minds.

Optimal security onlineEnables relevant content sharing: Likewise, it can help to share updates about the agency and any relevant content you've produced about your business. Sharing these updates helps develop positive brand awareness and also ensures future candidates have important information that can help with roles they're interested in.

Casting database example Casting database example