Talent agency software

All-in-one talent agency software

Optimize the workflow of your casting agency with our talent agency software. Developed for casting directors, based on our many years of experience in building software for the casting industry.

Talent agency software
More freedom, more control
The fast way to cast

Focus on the casting itself instead of taking care of the paperwork. Centralize all your project files and enjoy the automatization of organizing, managing and sharing information.

Designed to help you grow
Build your talent database

Create your own unique database using custom parameters and create a personalized look and feel by customizing the features of your new talent agency software.

Optimal security online
Scale to your needs

Requirements often change over time. Casting42 is a software solution that can easily grow with you with a few simple clicks. Expand your business carefree!

Casting database database

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Easy to use Casting Database

Talent agency software for every task

Optimal security onlineCreate your unique customized casting database
Optimal security onlineSave time by speeding up every step in the casting process
Optimal security onlineCentralize your workflow and communications

In order to thrive as a casting agency, you need the right software system. In our many years of designing talent agency software and working closely with industry professionals, we've gathered all the knowledge needed to optimize every process. This way we have create a casting database software solution that meets all your needs.

Our powerful search engine helps you find the right talents in the blink of an eye. By adjusting the parameters, you can easily finetune search and filter options and make the selection needed for a specific casting. Our experienced team stands by to help you finetune the database so that it perfectly matches your personal preferences.

All data about talents, clients and productions come together in a centralized system. Of course, you decide who has access to which files. Our database is equipped with enhanced login protection and encryption, to ensure a safe and protected environment for sharing data.

Let talents upload their own profile updates, photos, videos, audition tapes, showreels, voice samples, recordings, and other audition materials via an integrated webform. Our advanced notifications system makes sure you keep track of every activity. The files by waiting in the Database, awaiting your approval.

Managing made easy

Build your ideal casting database with Casting42

Optimal security onlineGet started right away, no installation required
Optimal security onlineFocus on your core activities
Optimal security onlineUpgrade your security to GPDR-standards

Casting42 is talent agency software solution for every agency in the business. Our casting software is cloud-based, easy to use, and perfectly scalable. It’s also easily and safely accessible and controllable from every device. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the many benefits of a perfectly organized system in which you manage all data, contacts and project files. Present customizable sedcards to your clients, introducing your talents in a professional way. Whether you are casting models for a photo shoot or actors for a commercial, Casting42 supports you every step of the way.

Our casting database software is a secure and protected environment to share data. It's compliant with all GPDR-regulations and backed by industry leading encryptions, daily scanning for vulnerabilities and automatic encryption-at-rest for all data.

Allow talents to easily sign up using a system-integrated website with both an application form and an associated permission form. This way, you are automatically compliant with privacy regulations when you receive and store personal data.

Talent agency software
Talent agency software