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Feature Questions

Determine your own unique set of attributes and datapoints you want to store and use in search of your talent.

We provide you with a ton of options to choose from. The only thing you have to do is select which attributes you want to enable.

For each data point of the talent you decide
• If the field is required on the signup page for the talent
• If the field is visable for the talent
• If the field is visable for any "guest shares" (clients/external directors/other departments)

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You can choose which fields you want to use in your talent database via our selection of fields.

There are fields where you can choose a value from a predefined set to be managed by you. For example, if your talent plays any instruments, you can manage the list a talent can choose from. The same selections can be used in the search function. In working with predefined selections, you increase the quality of the search for your casting as accidental misspelling or interpretation is excluded.

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We have multiple set cards designs for you to choose from.

Create dazzling presentations with the ability to upload and search through thousands of applicants. This way you can put together a phenomenal casting list.

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Chances are high you already have your talent data organized one way or the other. Maybe you are using excel, sql, xml or csv. 99% of the time your data can be imported by our developers. Please contact us to provide you with an invitation to a secure file sharing environment.

Most imports need cleaning up and formatting of the data before we can import them into Please contact us to discuss the import and receive a quote.

Casting42 offers you your very own private registration form. Talents who use this form will automatically appear in your Casting42 app.

The link to the registration form can be placed on your website, but can also be shared on social media.
Please visit the settings and online registration form for more details.

New registrations are presented on your dashboard. This gives you a nice overview of what happened in your casting database.

After registration you can easily create your very own private registration form. Talent using this registration form will automatically appear only in your Casting 42 account.

The link to the registration form can be placed on your website, but can also be shared on social media.
Please visit the settings and online registration form for more details.

Placing the registration link in the form or button on your website, requires some knowledge of HTML.
Please if you need any assistance. contact us.

If you are looking for a new website, please to setup a meeting and discuss the possibilities. contact us
Looking for further integration of your website?
• Please send your technical contact our API documentation
• Please contact us if you are looking for support.

Yes! Talents can receive an invitation by e-mail to update their data. They will be presented with an online portal displaying only their profile. This way they can check if it is up to date or needs to be revised. Images can be uploaded while GPDR requirements are met.

You determine which fields are accesible by the talent and which are private only to you and your college's.

Having an up to date database of your talents is essential to do your casting job well.

Normally, the process of updating your talent database takes a lot of time. Casting42 however allows talents to regularly update their profiles in a secure way by sending them a link!

Casting42 makes it super easy to:
• Create a casting
• add talent from you database to your casting
• share your casting with the client

When sharing your casting with your client, you provide them with an online portal.
In this online portal it is possible to:
• view a limited number of fields from a talent
• look at a selection of photos
• like talents
• add remarks about talents (only to be seen by you and the client) This way provides you with a secure platform to share your casting rounds & selections with the client.

Build your talent database and create castings like you would a folder or a directory. Use the talent module to add selections or a specific individual to your castings.

Your castings can be shared with colleagues and external parties, clients, guests and customers in a safe and secure way.

Build your talent database and create castings like you would a folder or a directory. Use the talent module to add selections or a specific individual to your castings.

Your castings can be shared with colleagues and external parties, clients and customers in a safe and secure way.
Invite your client to the project and receive likes and/or questions and remarks about the talent. Another way is to generate set cards: a PDF of a talent that can be seen in several different designs and styles.

Clients and team members can like talent during the different casting rounds and add remarks.

Yes! Any type of document can be uploaded to Casting42 within the maximum storage of your subscription.
• Video's are transcoded in 5 versions for optimal streaming performance to all devices. (we also store the original quality)
• Photo's are optimised for the best performance. (we also store the original un compressed version of all photo's).

Self tapes can be added using the showreel link - YouTube or Vimeo. This method will prevent the need for more storage.
An alternative is to store the video file at the media tab, this will add to your total amount of storage you can use within your subscription quickly.
We have partnered with CloudFlare to provide you with optimal streaming performance no matter of your geographical location. Meaning the video's buffer fast and with a smooth playback.

Yes, Casting42 is online/cloud based and available through any modern browser with an internet connection.

Buying Product

We offer a monthly and a yearly subscription. Both options automatically renew at the end of each subscription cycle. You will receive an email informing you of the upcoming renewal. uses as our trusted payment provider.
Credit Cards Accepted by FastSpring are:
• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• UnionPay
We also support PayPal.

You will receive an email after every renewal or new subscription. This will be sent to you by (our payment provider / merchant of record) This email contains a link View Invoice where you can print and/or download your invoice.

Our payment provider calculates the correct tax rate with each payment, based on your payment details. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

No. In case of a free account, you do not need a credit card.

You can go to Settings, Subscription and Accounts to upgrade your account at any time.
Please contact our support if you wish to downgrade your account. contact us.

Yes. You can sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel your account when the casting is done.

General Questions

We are constantly trying to improve our online platform. Please contact us if you have a request for a new field or fields. Contact us & give us an overview of missing attributes.

We use Amazon Web Services and Heroku in combination with CloudFlare for storage and computing power. See our dedicated security page for more information. security

Your data is your data. We do not use it, do not share it and do not sell it. You are our most respected customer, not our product.

Security Questions

We have been building and operating software platforms since the year 2000. We take security very seriously.
Our code & application is routenly checked by specialized third parties for any vurnabilities.
See our dedicated security page for more details

Your talents are stored separately from other customers. The ones that do have access, are:
• your employees if you create accounts and invite them to Casting42
• your clients and external stakeholders - if you choose to share castings with them
• talents can view their own data in order to update their profile.

Kempen Automatisering - builder of Casting42 - has limited access for continues improvement, support and maintenance. See our processing agreement (at the bottom of our T&C) that states the rights and obligations of each party concerning the protection of personal data.

In our enterprise package we provide further customization. Please contact our sales department to discuss options. Contact us