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"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Support your casting workflow! Take confidence in the fact that our all-round support, matched with the inherent scalability of our platform, has you covered for the future.

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Our far-ranging set of security measures ensure that your data remains accessible only to you and those you have granted access rights.

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Experience firsthand how the accessible design of our casting database solution helps you organize and keep all your data secure.

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Casting the perfect fit for an important role is a demanding task. With our online casting database, you can reserve your energy and eye for detail for this core activity while our innovative notifications system automatically keeps you updated on any relevant events and developments.

Casting42 is designed with your precious time in mind. Our innovative database solution lets you centralize and customize your workflow, keep on track with all your commitments, and scale up immediately as your portfolio grows and your requirements change.

The extensive security features provided by Casting42 ensure that your data is always stored and accessed securely. We keep you in complete control of who may access the data submitted by your staff, clients, and casted talents.

With our centralized online database solution, you no longer need to inconveniently work with a variety of applications that slow you down. Keep all your contacts, documents, and other data on a central platform which you can securely access from anywhere.

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Do away with the cumbersome processes of working with various applications for different document types that rob you of your precious time and often leave you frustratingly searching for what you need or even missing out on important updates and events. Centralize your documents and data flow to achieve the highest possible throughput and turn your casting process into a more rewarding experience.

Casting42 is designed by experienced industry veterans who know how important it is to pair efficiency with an eye for detail. Maximize your productivity with the the help of our extensive search and filtering tools, easily set up an advanced notifications system to stay on top of your game, and communicate more effectively with your casted talents, staff, clients, and other industry contacts.

Our top-of-the-line security features ensure that no malicious or other unauthorized parties will have access to your data. Moreover and in keeping with our privacy policies, no data stored with us is shared with third parties.

The inherent scalability and comprehensive security measures of our online casting database allow you to conveniently and confidently expand your casting operations. As stipulated in our privacy statement, we share no data with third parties.

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