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Casting42 is a cloud-based casting solution that comes packed with customizable features and advanced search options out of the box.

Casting online
Casting online
Modern way to do modern casting

Streamline your casting operations and get rid of the clutter by centralizing all your project files, casting profiles, and communications in a true all-in-one solution.

Casting online
Personalized look and feel

Customize every feature and aspect of your online casting solution with ease, setting up the toolkit that is perfect for you rather than just adjusting yourself to working with one.

Casting online
Grow with confidence

Confidently expand your operations and portfolio with a cloud-based casting online solution that not only fosters your productivity but can also easily scale up to meet arising needs.

Casting online

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Casting online

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Casting onlineCustomize your database with ease
Casting onlineCentralize your workflow and communications
Casting onlineSet up smart notifications to keep you updated
Casting onlineSecurely access yourCasting Database from any device

Getting things done is one thing, but managing a whole range of projects simultaneously, casting the right talent for every individual role, and still ensuring that you do not lose track of any important developments, industry contacts, or additional opportunities is quite another. Flawless management, let alone expansion, requires a proper and complete toolset.

Casting42 is a all-in-one database solution to manage your entire casting online designed by and for casting industry professionals. Casting42 helps you keep all your casting project files, contacts, profile information, and other data organized and increase both your general productivity and the control you have in managing your casting operations.

With Casting42, you can finally outsource the mental burden of keeping track of upcoming events and important updates by setting up intelligent notifications. Better still, our platform-independent casting solution enables you to securely access your data and manage your casting operations on any device.

Save time with the aid of advanced search tools, smart notifications, and centralized data storage for all your various file types. Customize your interface, optimize your workflow, and rest assured that your online casting solution can quickly scale up with the press of a button as soon as your increased requirements become evident.

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Casting onlineGet up and running in no time, no installation required
Casting onlineAVG ready, upgrade your security.
Casting onlineEasily scale up as your expand your portfolio
Casting onlineSafely export and share your casting data

When successfully expanding your portfolio, the last thing you want is having to worry about whether or not you will be able to include the additional project files and other data in your current binder. As industry veterans, we are familiar with how demanding the hectic business that is professional casting can be and have designed our online casting solution with the aim of relieving you from any additional concerns. The inherent scalability of our casting soluttion ensures that you will always have exactly what you need in terms of customized features, storage space, and overall performance and functionality while also enabling you to scale up to a bigger plan immediately when the need arises.

Casting42 is designed to help you increase productivity, improve communications, keep track of important developments via notifications, easily find what you need the moment when you need it, and better organize your project files in every way without having to worry about different file types.

Accessible from any device, Casting42 aims to give you ultimate control. This is reflected in our security and privacy policies as well. We never share any data with third parties, and have implemented the strictest security measures to ensure that your data is always secure, both at rest and in transit.

Casting online