No other company has the
right software for casting processes

Customer story:

‘If the number of projects keeps growing but your system doesn’t grow along with it, it becomes very difficult to keep all the plates spinning. Thanks to Casting42, we have a platform with the capacity and features we need. This way we save a lot of time!’

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Casting database database

"Obviously, we want to handle our data as safely as possible. With Casting42, all model data is processed in accordance with legal requirements and GDPR-proof."

Martinique Schrama
Operational Manager -
Easy to use Casting Database

Casting process software

For more than fifteen years, has linked faces to clients for campaigns, commercials and corporate videos. First under an umbrella company, but since two years as an independent agency. ‘It was difficult to find software that really suited a casting agency. In the Netherlands, no other company seemed to know how casting works and how to automate the processes properly. That's why we worked with a self-built website and kept a manual database. But that didn’t work smoothly either and took a lot of time.

With the system we use now, all data flows directly into the system via the linked web page, which Casting42 has created in the style of our corporate identity. Also, this database has a much larger capacity. That's great, because we have about 4500 models. Moreover, the parameters of the database are set to really fit our company.’

Just the right features.

Automate your workflow and save time while building a high-quality talent database. Some of the favorite features of :

Optimal security onlineTalent registrations via website
Optimal security onlineNewly developed website by Casting42
Optimal security onlineAPI integration with the website, to publish profiles
Optimal security onlineAvailability checker 2.0, to easily check availability
Optimal security onlineCustom sedcard for a perfect fit with the house style

Casting database example

Quick response for customers

What also saves a lot of time is the automated communication. Martinique explains: ‘We used to email our models: there’s an assignment that suits you, are you available? Then we waited for the response, processed it, and linked it back to the customer. With Casting42, the system sends out the assignment and models can then easily indicate in the system whether or not they’re available. We can see who has or hasn’t responded in a glance.

This way, we have a good overview and we can quickly approach the customer with a proposal. It’s also optional to give the customer their own access in Casting42, but we have not opted for that. Personal contact is very important to us and our knowledge enables us to properly assess which model suits which assignment. This is what makes our work so much fun.´

Casting database example

Casting database database

"Casting42 is not a static platform but continues to evolve & grow with the industry. I can already see that, there is constant reflection on the processes and new features are added regularly."

Martinique Schrama
Operational Manager -

GDPR proof

Safety was another reason for to choose Casting42. With the system you can easily manage permission for data processing. Also, all data is centrally encrypted.

‘Manual data recording in lists is undesirable from a GDPR point of view and is not allowed. So we had to take measures for that,' explains Martinique. ‘Obviously, we want to handle our data as safely as possible. With Casting42, all model data is processed in accordance with legal requirements and GDPR-proof.’

Casting database example
Casting database example

Always thinking with the industry

Martinique thinks one of Casting42's Unique Selling Points is that the software is always evolving. ‘It’s not a system that’s finished, static and simply maintained from now on, but it continues to develop and grow with the industry. I already notice the processes are constantly being assessed and new features are added all the time.

As a client, we automatically reap de benefits of this, without paying extra for it! If something new has been developed, for example based on a request from one of Casting42's customers, it will automatically be included in the next update. The people at Casting42 have a lot of expertise and really think along, which is very nice. For example, we thought it was important that we could present different photos of a model per assignment, to present people in a way that suits the assignment. At first that wasn’t an option, but now it is!’