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Optimize your workflow and communications with our casting database designed to give you every tool you need for sustained success.

Casting Director Software
Casting Director Software
Excellent management tools

Get more out of your established network and experience by consolidating your data in a software solution that offers extensive control.

Casting Director Software
Intelligent notifications system

Never lose track of your casting operations and recent developments with our smart notifications system designed to give you a head start.

Casting Director Software
Go beyond industry standards

Be prepared for any future challenges by using a casting software solution customized for you and ready to grow along with your evolving requirements.

Casting Director Software

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Casting Director Software

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Casting Director SoftwareCustomize your online casting database with ease
Casting Director SoftwareCentralize your workflow and communications
Casting Director SoftwareSet up smart notifications to keep you updated
Casting Director SoftwareSecurely access your casting director software from any device

Aiming high with your casting projects can only be a sustained strategy if you have the means at your disposal to adequately take on any challenge along the way. As industry veterans, we understand that ambition must be backed up by the right toolset in order to come to fruition.

Casting42 is an innovative software solution that helps casting directors and other industry professionals organize and optimize their casting operations, centralize their workflow and communications, keep their data secure, stay updated via notifications, and maintain a competitive edge.

With your fully customized Casting42 casting director software that offers carefree scalability, you can meet new challenges with only excitement and without having to worry about whether your database and toolset are up for the tasks that lie ahead.

Our experienced team of industry innovators is always ready to support you by custom-building or fine-tuning a software solution that is right for you, migrating your data from an existing solution, connecting your database to an existing website or helping you set up a brand-new one, and more.

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Casting Director SoftwareGet up and running in no time, no installation required
Casting Director SoftwareReady for the GDPR? upgrade your security.
Casting Director SoftwareEasily scale up as your expand your portfolio
Casting Director SoftwareSafely export and share your casting data

If you refuse to settle for anything but the perfect pick for a one-time role, why settle for a less-than-ideal solution when it comes to the toolset you work with on a daily basis? Do away with unsorted documents that do not cohere with a standard format and which each need to be opened using a separate application. Organize all your data and communications on a central platform specifically designed by industry veterans to meet the high standards and requirements set by casting directors and other industry professionals.

Casting42 is a unique and innovative all-in-one package providing you with the casting director software industry professionals require to meet their needs, offers extensive search and other features, includes an intelligent notifications system, and can be accessed securely from any device.

Stay in full control of who is able to access your data. We go to great lengths to ensure the security of our platform, making sure that your data is secure both at rest and in transit. No data we store is ever shared with third parties.

Casting Director Software