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Optimize your workflow and communications with our casting database designed to give you every tool you need for sustained success.

Actors Database Software
Casting database database

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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More freedom, more control
Stay updated and on track

Optimize your workflow and communications with our casting databasedesigned to give you every tool you need for sustained success.

Designed to help you grow
Scale up easily and safely

Automatically receive notifications to stay updated on relevant developments and keep track of your casting operations in a fully integrated system.

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All-inclusive actors database software

Strike another management concern off your list with a casting software solution that safely grows with you as your requirements change.

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Optimal security onlineSetup your unique casting database
Optimal security onlineOrganize and export your casting database
Optimal security onlineManage all talent data more efficiently
Optimal security onlineApprove, deny, find, select, propose talent faster

Stemming from our experience in working with industry experts [leader[, we have a profound understanding of how the requirements for driven casting companies may vary and expand from day to day. Our extensive toolset is designed to keep you on track and ready for any future challenge.

With your fully customized Casting42 software solution that frees you from working with inconsistently formatted documents, you will be better equipped to discern the relevant details from the noise and quickly make the right casting call for any talented actor or actress.

Casting42 is developed to intelligently grow along with your company as you expand your portfolio. We made scaling up as easy as clicking on a button and are always ready to help you further refine your custom-built solution.

Security is one of our top priorities, as evidenced by our strict security measures. We make sure that all data submitted to our platform is kept completely secure both at rest and in transit and can only be accessed by you and those you have granted verified access rights.

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Optimal security onlinePowerful search engine.
Optimal security onlineAVG ready, upgrade your security.
Optimal security onlineIntegrate your website.
Optimal security onlineSkip loose excel files.

Spend less time searching for what you need and more time doing what you do best: casting a perfect fit for an exciting role. Not all facets of the casting process are equally dazzling or reflective of how exciting it can be, but having an eye for detail and the right toolset can always leave you with a brilliant cut. Make use of your custom-built Casting42 actors database software with smart notifications to stay on track and polish your casting operations.

Casting42 offers a centralized platform for keeping all your casting processes, documents, contact details, and other data organized. Enjoy maximum flexibility with one of our customized solutions, stay updated via our smart notifications system, and enjoy carefree expansion whenever you are ready to scale up with a new plan.

Grant different access rights to staff, clients, and talents, and allow them to securely connect to your casting software solution from anywhere. In accordance with our privacy policies, no data is shared with external parties [and we only access your data as necessary upon receiving a request for support].

Actors Database Software