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Cloud casting makes it simple to organize and manage talent profiles, casting calls, etc. all from one place. With your customizable database, you can retrieve talent, communicate swiftly, and protect sensitive information with ease.

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Whether you’re a casting director or a producer, your job consists of many moving parts, which can make it challenging to stay on top of things. From keeping clients happy to keeping talent booked and busy, there’s a wealth of people to please.

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Efficiently Manage Your Data

Sifting through unfit applicants can prove cumbersome. Our platform offers custom fields that allow you to find and browse talent profiles quickly. In addition to saving you time, this handy feature also makes it possible for clients to receive prompt responses.

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Reaching out to applicants, checking their availability, and sending agreements will prove no hassle at all with your personalized database. With so many convenient communication tools at your disposal, contacting talent won't be a struggle.

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"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Through every stage of the casting process, it’s essential to gather feedback from directors, producers, and coordinators. Cloud casting offers a streamlined way to receive and collect questions, comments, and concerns. You can always refer back to this information, which bodes well for a constructive relationship between you and your clients.

With a database that’s tailored to your needs and preferences, you’ll discover how easy managing and presenting talent can be. What’s more, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your clients are looking for. Having a strong rapport with clients will give you the competitive edge that’s required in this industry. With that said, everyone benefits when a casting database is employed. For optimal results, customize your platform. As a result, you can easily navigate it and acquire data effortlessly.

Casting42 is an all-in-one casting database solution that allows you to automate your workflow, securely access your data from anywhere, and receive automatic notifications for information that is relevant to your next casting success story.

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Cloud casting delivers a user-friendly and highly responsive interface, so even if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, you’ll have no problem acclimating to it. We seek to breathe convenience and peace of mind into your work affairs. It’s for this reason why we’ve developed an innovative system that encourages keen collaboration. Touch base with clients and talent while remaining privy to ongoing developments when you take advantage of our results-driven casting database.

Our years of working with production houses and channels have made us uniquely qualified to assist clients like you. You need flexibility and accessibility, which is what our platform promises. You also have the freedom to customize your database to your liking. Our perfected system has proven advantageous to producers and casting directors alike, so it appeals to all.

Rid yourself of the stress that comes with finding suitable talent for selective clients. With your individualized database, you can find applicants who are ideal for the job. Best of all, you can monitor what clients are saying. Gain access to an assortment of practical features and user-oriented tools when you place your trust in Casting42.

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Cloud casting example