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Customizable software for casting professionals

Are you looking for the ultimate talent management software solutions? Casting42 has everything a casting director could wish for: from website integration and customizable filter options to scalability and GDPR-compliance.

Streamline your casting process
More freedom, more control
Streamline your casting process

Say farewell to unnecessary filing and paperwork. Automate processes by integrating your website forms and letting talents upload new material directly into your database.

Designed to help you grow
Optimize communications

Keep everyone up-to-date by granting staff, clients and talents access to the information they need. Create customized sedcards to show of your castings and stay in complete control. READ MORE:FEATURES

Optimal security online
Safety is key

Casting42’s reliability and security is backed by industry leading encryptions, daily scanning for vulnerabilities and automatic encryption-at-rest for all data.

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"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Actors Database Search

Best talent management software solutions

Actors Database SearchEasily set up your own customized database database
Optimal security onlineEfficiently let talents upload and update their own details
Optimal security onlineQuickly find the ideal talent for your next project

The right talent management software solutions make casting easier by automating your workflow and supporting your creative processes. To really make Casting42 a perfect fit for the industry, we’ve worked closely with casting professionals to finetune every aspect. The result is cloud-based, customizable, easy-to-use, scalable and GDPR-proof!

Casting42 is designed to unburden you. Managing a casting database can demand a lot of time and attention: updating details, photos and videos take up hours of your day. Casting42 eases your workload by automating these tasks. For example by integrating your website to your database. This way, you can focus your attention on making spectacular castings.

Our collaboration with industry professionals helped us finetune our search and filter options. By customizing the user-friendly filter options, you can rapidly filter and find the talent selection you need. Not sure about the results? We got you covered: you can easily create a category for talents you need to think on.

Manage every casting effortlessly

Create a custom casting database with Casting42

Optimal security onlineSpend less time processing data
Optimal security onlineIntegrate your website with your talent management software solutions
Optimal security onlineSafe, secure and GPDR-proof

Casting42 is especially designed to support the workflow of professionals in the casting industry. We want you to be able to spend your time doing what you do best: cast the perfect talent for an amazing production.

No need for downloading, our talent management software solutions are cloud-based and easily accessible using any device. If you can read this text, you can use Casting42. This way you can use the software on the set, or at your clients office.

Our aim is to automate every process that can be automated. This way, you are always up-to-date on the latest talent details and schedules. Also, you can give clients and talents access to certain parts of the database, so they can view all the details they need.

Safety first. This means you always stay in control of the data, that all data is stored in the EU and that it’s secured with industry leading encryption. We’re also scanning for security vulnerabilities daily and have proper SSL-implementation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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