Agency management software

Customizable software for casting professionals

Are you looking for agency management software that will revolutionize the way you run your agency? Do you want to spend more time focusing on your core tasks, and less on administration? Then Casting42 is for you.

Agency management software
Agency management software
Customize talent parameters

Search talents your way: with our customizable parameters you can use the criteria you want to find the perfect talents. Need an extra step in your selection procedure? No problem, our system is tailored to meet your needs.

Agency management software
Optimize workflows

Automate what can be automated: sign ups, updating profiles, sending messages, sharing files, and much more. Our smart notification system will let you know if something requires your attention!

Agency management software
Safe and secure

We are dedicated to keep all your data safe and secure. Our agency management software is GPDR-compliant and backed by industry leading encryptions.

Agency management software

"Casting42 saves us about 40 hours a week! We're impressed by the number of features!"

Rikie Vos - Co-Owner, DailyModels
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Agency management software

Best agency management software

Agency management softwareSave time and money by streamlining your processes
Agency management softwareShare information at the touch of a button
Agency management softwareGrow with confidence using scalable software

Our agency management software is designed to make casting more efficient. By working closely with casting directors we have been able to optimize casting workflows from A to Z. The result is a system that is cloud-based, customizable, easy-to-use, scalable and compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your precious time goes into organizing files, photos, and data? How great would it be if you could focus on your main job: casting the perfect talents! Discover Casting42 and automate what can be automated, so you can do what you do best.

For example, updating details, photos and videos can take up many hours of your day. Let talents upload registration forms, new material and updates directly into your casting database, to await your approval. Our smart system will give you a notification whenever changes have been made.

We also made communication a lot easier. Let our agency management software help you manage and safely share necessary information with staff, clients and talents with a few clicks. By creating and sharinh customized sedcards, you can introduce your casted talents in style.

Safely manage your agency

Create a custom casting database with Casting42

Agency management softwareStart building your database immediately without download
Agency management softwareAccess your data anywhere, from any device
Agency management softwareCreate custom environments for clients
Agency management softwareSafe and secure agency management software

You can start building your Casting Database immediately. Simply import up to hundreds of thousands of talents and add information about your casting directors, production agencies. Thanks to the powerful search and filter options, you'll always find what you're looking for in a heartbeat.

Working with our cloud-based casting solution also means you never have to worry about whether you have your files on hand. Whether you are at the office, on the road or on set: our online system enables you to manage profiles and casting calls from any place and from any device.

There's no more need to share files through Google Drive or Dropbox. With our agency management software you can easily share talent profiles, schedules and more with your clients. Also, you can give clients access to certain parts of the Casting Database, so they can view all the details they need. This way, everybody is always on the same page.

Your Casting42 management software comes with built-in security, designed to keep all your projects, talent files and communications safe. To achieve this we use industry leading encryption and the latest technologies to detect vulnerabilities and block threats like spam, phishing and malware.

Agency management software