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Fast and Convenient Casting, our casting platform makes casting a breeze.

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Casting Management Software

To be successful, you need to be able to communicate with all your talent. Our casting management software lets you stay in touch without having to spend a lot of time messaging people. Talent can upload photos, recordings, and videos without requiring any help from you. Thanks to our instant sound and graphic capabilities, they don't even have to travel for castings. You can quickly see their latest skills and find the perfect person for the job.

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Create a Custom Database

We focus on a personalized approach to casting. You can use our cloud-based program to easily add new talent to a company-wide database. Any time you're looking for talent, browse your roster to get the ideal match for a production team.

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Expand Your Business Easily

We let you build a talent roster that suits your unique needs. Our casting platform scales seamlessly and requires little effort on your part. Whether you handle five clients or 500, the amount of attention your database requires will remain the same. Since talent can apply and update their portfolio without assistance from you, you can focus on more important tasks.

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A Secure and Reliable Casting Platform

We handle all the technological details so you can focus on doing what you do best: handling talent. You get the convenience of cloud-based software with the security of traditional databases. Since our casting management software works across all internet-connected devices, you can seamlessly use it from anywhere. At the same time, it has the security protocols necessary for handling a variety of sensitive data.

You can rest easy knowing everyone's personal information is fully secure. We have a full suite of security protocols that prevent unauthorized access to your casting data. Once everything is set up, you are the only one in control of your casting platform. You can grant access to verified users to manage their own profiles. However, we will make sure that competitors cannot view anything sensitive or alter essential data.

This security gives you the confidence you need to manage your business. When you do not have to stress about switching between devices or keeping content safe, you can focus on finding the right person for a job. Our casting management software comes with a whole host of helpful features. You can:
Optimal security onlineOrganize your database with personalized filters
Optimal security onlineImport and export casting data
Optimal security onlineQuickly locate talent and send proposals
Optimal security onlineEasily reject or accept applicants
Optimal security onlineManage media like photos and videos
Optimal security onlineLet talent live chat with casting directors

Get the Latest Casting Management Technology

Our casting databases provide you with a variety of helpful features. We thoughtfully designed our platform to increase productivity and profit. The centralized software lets you access a variety of documents, casting processes, contact details, schedules, and more. All of this information is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Whether your clients need talent for print, film, or television, our casting database handles their demands with ease. You can quickly sort talent to find options that fit your clients' desired profile and arrange multiple meetings with the click of a button. To keep up with your busy lifestyle, we offer the choice of using smart notifications. Our system can alert you to new messages, upcoming casting dates, and other things that require immediate attention.

Once you begin using the casting management software, it also becomes a helpful repository of past data. You can check a talent's history to find the right person for the right project. The database also allows you to keep track of clients' past hires, so you can understand their preferences. This data and other essential information make your workday simpler and less stressful. The cloud-based platform has endless opportunities for working with quality talent.

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