Security measures

Your private online casting database

Dedicated to keep your talent data safe and secure. Casting42 provides casting professionals only secure access to all projects, talent files, photos and communication.

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Encrypted online platform

Our industry standard encryption allows you to safely access data, also ‘on the go’!

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General Data Protection Regulation

Improve your GPDR compliance. Prevent compliancy issues, easily obtain & archive the permission of your talent to store their data.

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Maintain your IP

Casting42 makes it easy to organise and manage talent profiles and casting calls, while maintaining full control of your data.

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We take security seriously

Optimal security onlineIndustry leading encrypted S3 buckets using AWS S3
Optimal security onlineDaily scanned by vulnerability scan engine OpenVAS
Optimal security onlineYour data wil only be stored in the EU
Optimal security onlineBuilt with 20 years development experience
Optimal security onlineAutomatic encryption-at-rest of all data written to disk
Optimal security onlineProper SSL implementation validated by Qualys (A+)
Optimal security scanning dependency security vulnerabilities
Optimal security scanning for known vulnerabilities
Optimal security analyzes our application code preventing security issues

We provide you with an all in one customizable casting database which enables you to improve communication with your clients throughout the entire casting process. We take security seriously: your data is yours and stays yours. We do not use, share or sell it. You are our customer and not our product.

Improve your privacy data management

Optimal security onlineOrganize the permission to process talent data
Optimal security onlineAllow talent to view and edit their data
Optimal security onlineYour data is not shared to other customers
Optimal security onlineGrow your private talent pool
Optimal security onlinePrevent losing spreadsheets and data

Our top of the bill cloud-based casting platform does all the structuring, securing and presenting data for you. At the same time we do all the data integrity, updates and maintenance. As a result, you can completely focus on what you do best: successfully completing yet another exciting casting project.

We provide you with online protected space to manage your talent data. With our well-thought-out access management, you can choose to share casting and talent data within and outside your organization.

Whatever you need in terms of data structure and scalability, our database implementations have optimal security measures. This means you are all set from the very beginning and at the same time prepared for future challenges. Your customized database solution will not only stimulate your growth, but also smartly move along with future necessities.

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